How to tell the World your Business is Awesome without sounding like a stiff

For those of you that didn’t know, I am a Content Marketer/Social Media nerd by day and moonlight as a book blogger by night. This post will deviate from my usual rants about books and life and put to use 4 years of university and thousands of dollars in student loans. (Also, a rant about work… just a little) I’m actually superwriting_blogpost passionate about what I do (it might not sound like it, but I am, ok?) But mostly about storytelling. Whether it’s for building a brand for a company or for my own amusement, world building and character building.What you need is a story.

No more Business lite 

You may be thinking storytelling has nothing to do with business but it really does.

Hear me out people!

If you don’t properly convey a story, then your products or services won’t appeal to your target audience. Many of today’s businesses (small or large) are “storytelling lite” but it needs to be deeper in order for it to be truly effective, otherwise, what’s the point? Most brand storying telling today is superficial and still to corporate-orientated, rather than being aimed for real people. I am a strong believer in storytelling being vulnerable, real and free of perfect endings! Tidy resolutions make from crummy, boring stories.

Sometimes (more often than not if we’re being real) stories are imperfect, like people, and that’s okay! Seriously, it is because it’s real. A deeper emotional connection not only gives a story legs but creates a bond between consumer and product, client and service provider.

C’mon people, there’s a bigger picture here! 

There’s more of a “social change” component to storytelling for the future. It must be bigger than the company.

You’re probably like “Oh come on, I run a Car Wash. Who the hell cares?”

Everyone, that’s who!

It’s not exclusively about general change, but that is a key factor in generating interest outside of your niche audience. Millennials – like myself – especially want to do business with companies that care about causes bigger than themselves. Well, not just millennials, most people do, but that’s when the shift became more dramatic and noticeable. People make choices based on social issues and stuff they can relate to so it’s bigger than companies giving a crap about their own clients but how they influence society, not just in an economic setting.

Get Real, Get Personal  

The corporate wall is being broken down in favour of a human frame. Part of the reason why many brand stories fail (in my humble opinion) is because they fail to capture the imagination today. Why? Because they focus on the company being the protagonist. Companies are not protagonists.

Let me repeat

Companies are not protagonists. People don’t care about companies. I can ask my entire inner circle of contacts and they will all say they don’t give two shits about companies. What we do care about, is people, and your company should reflect that. You can’t hug or thank a company- though I can’t speak for everyone every, I know I’ve wanted to bitch slap a couple.

People can’t see themselves reflected in a story about a faceless organization. As a lover of fiction and all things books, I can say that I make decisions and purchases based on stories. So make it good. 


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