I went into this one completely blind.

As in I-walked-into-Chapters-and-asked-my-boyfriend-to-pick-a-book-for-me blind.

But it was FREAKING AWESOME!!! It reminded me a lot of Eon, Graceling and Throne of Glass both in world building and character development. I won’t spoil too much of the book for you guys but, I was hooked right from the beginning. With the number of scene shifts the action, I was thoroughly entertained. You know how in every other YA novel the protagonist will be in the same setting for half the book, “learns” everything they need to know before they head off to battle and falls in love with the whole love-at-first-glance?

Yeah, that doesn’t happen. frostblood_ebook

Firstly, the setting change about 10 pages into the book and it’s a delightful little whirlwind right up to the end. Secondly, it is very clear throughout the entire book that Ruby has no idea what she’s doing AND I LOVE IT!

I quite honestly adored Ruby so much. She’s a little impulsive (but not annoyingly so) and temperamental and a very difficult time controlling her fire. She was feisty, sharp and witty. She knew when to pick her battles and when to talk no bullshit. AND ARCUS! OMG!! Right from the start, him and ruby clash and really didn’t see the budding romance coming until I was well into the book. They push and pull, bicker and argue and it really seemed like they despised each other.

For those of you that have read this, what’d you think?




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