Writing….about Writing

Two weeks into my new year’s resolution to write more and I hit a mental brick wall. I wandered into my den (aka my local library) to find some inspiration and there, in the far corner was a dusty box filled with all my books on writer’s craft. How to Write a Compelling Feature, So You Think you Can Write?, Building Great Sentences- just to name a few. I realized that I loved reading about the process of writing (even if most of them were for class) but I couldn’t quite define my own. Every book I’ve read on writing, from Stephen King to Julia McCoy, is different.

While some writers explained how they overcame writer’s block, others claim there is no such thing. Some shared their burnout horror stories and others boast about not having enough time to jot down all of their crazy good ideas. Some write better in the morning, in silence, all day, once a week. The point is, there are so many individual differences in the actual  process, but you want to know what the commonality between the lot of them is?

There is no one way to write, except, of course, that you actually have to write.

So why are you reading this? You should be writing 😉


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