Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifacts, #1)

lady_midSometimes, when you see that an author has a new book, you immediately have high expectations for their work. I mean, I loved, loved LOVED The Mortal Instruments series. I loved The Infernal Devices trilogy even more. But Lady Midnight was a 3.5-star read for me and a kind of shaky start to this newest trilogy.

Part of the problem is that LM takes about one hundred pages for the plot to really get moving and interesting. The beginning of the book is A LOT of set up, which is somewhat needed but seemed to take too long and wasn’t as organically incorporated into the developing plot as it could have been. The Mortal Instruments series has a memorable opening with Clary encountering the shadowhunters for the first time in a club called Pandemonium. The opening of this book does not live up to that. Plus, I found myself not really invested in the main plot point–Emma’s search for the person who killed her parents–at least initially.

Spending thousands of pages getting those other two couples together (finally!) makes the whole Emma and Julian forbidden love tale feel a little tedious – especially when they start keeping secrets from each other as an easy way to drag out the tension.

Lovelornness aside, there’s also a big reveal about Julian’s real role at the LA Institute that doesn’t quite work. Most readers will suspect this big secret much earlier -and will wonder why they put the clues together before Emma did. Cutting that part out would make Lady Midnight a more digestible length and get us all to the fantastically culty-creepy climactic action faster.

That’s when the book is finally full of surprises.


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