Library at Mount Char

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

On my day off from the world, I finished this beauty.

lamc-bookThis book messed with me in the most fantastic way! I don’t throw superlatives around lightly, but this book earned it. I’ve been attempting to write my review for this for literally 2 months now and between its grandiose premise and endless twists, I find it terribly difficult to review without giving out spoilers. Anyone can read from the blurb that these kids were adopted when their parents were killed by some bomb (Which oddly reminded me of Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children.)

They were adopted by the FATHER, he is a god…or God….or something. He brought the kids to live in the library. Everyone had sections they were assigned to and learning their role was a constant learning process. Then FATHER goes missing, or is he missing? See?! I can’t even give a proper review it’s so strange to try to do without some major spoilers.

First of all, the book doesn’t introduce itself or shake the readers hand on the first page. Instead, it immediately asks to run alongside with it . It just goes on with its seemingly pointless and outrageous schemes for the first 10% or so. All I can truly say is that the first half of the book is a bore and more than a little confusing.

It starts to make sense about 25% of the way in, but it continues headstrong into bizzaro-land. I mean, there’s a tentacle lord called Barry O’Shea and these kids seem to die and come back to life a lot. It was funny and dark and fast-paced.

Library at Mount Char is science fiction, magical realism, urban fantasy, horror, dark comedy and mystery all in one. But it only blended together well after it’s intro. This book is definitely not for everyone, with the intro being so tough to get through, but I honestly think that this book is worth it. If you’re reading this, hang in there, it gets marvellous!


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